KISA makes Rwanda IT hub for East Africa
Published : Aug 7, 2011 - 18:57
Updated : Aug 7, 2011 - 18:57
The Korea Internet and Security Agency and the Rwanda Development Bank have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen bilateral cooperation in information security.

Under the agreement which was signed on July 28, KISA will assist the RDB to promote the introduction of the Korean information security model.

“It is expected that the Korean information security model will contribute to the country’s economic development and become a good model of bilateral cooperation,” said Rwanda Ambassador Eugene S. Kayihura.
KISA CEO Seo Jong-ryul (right) and Rwandan Ambassador Eugene Segore Kayihura are seen during the conclusion of the signing of an MOU that aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in information security. (Rwanda Embassy)

Rwanda will establish the infrastructure to head up the role as an information technology hub for the East African Community, an economic and visa free bloc that includes the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

“The country offers strong possibilities for Korean companies to advance into since it is promoting $100 million worth of projects only in broadband,” said Kayihura.

“Those would include the establishment of a nationwide fiber optic cable network including the construction of Wibro and a fiber optic cable network in Kigali (the capital) from 2007 through a Korean communications company,” he added.

One of RDB’s mandates is to establish a nationwide development strategy regarding ICT.

KISA CEO Seo Jong-ryul said, “From now on, KISA will consistently make programs which support Korean IT companies to advance into Rwanda which is emerging as a new market and other African regions.”