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Exhibition connects Mexican art with Gimhae’s history

July 4, 2011 - 19:00 By
The Mexican Embassy is running an art exhibition showcasing the duality of Mexico’s history and people by connecting yesterday and today.

“Signs of History and Inner Lives” brings the works of three Mexican artists to Inje University in Gimhae City.

The first collection is composed of 25 oil, graphite and mixed media works by Martha Delgado and Cassandra Sabag.

“In this first stage of the exhibition, both artists present, through their imagery, a national project titled ‘Visual Horizon,’ with the purpose of portraying contemporary life through modern art,” said Mexican Ambassador Martha Ortiz de Rosas.
Mexico Ambassador Martha Ortiz de Rosas enjoys the “Signs of History and Inner Lives,” an art exhibition which showcases the works of three Mexican artists, at Inje University, Gimhae City.(Mexico Embassy)

Both artists utilize photographic elements to develop their work, diverging into different visual paths and dialogues.

Delgado creates portraits in a rectangular and vertical format, giving singular emphasis to the narrator.

In some instances, she showcases almost transparent yet noticeable brush strokes on her canvas, using a genre known as “poetic realism.”

The other artist, Sabag, creates one image on multiple levels.

Critics have said that placing her paintings together creates one image, carrying one message.

“An important feature that should be noticed in her style is the ‘cold light’ inside her characters,” said Ortiz de Rosas.

The second stage is composed of 25 of Carla Rippey’s works, which showcases individual introspective stories.

Rippey’s singular technique, including her juxtaposition of photographic images with paintings containing embedded realism, has attracted worldwide audiences.

The exhibition is free of charge and runs until July 14.

To find out more, contact the Mexico Third Secretary for Culture Jorge Agraz at (02) 798-1694.

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