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Security fuards accused of animal abuse

June 22, 2011 - 14:49 By 양승진
Some security guards are being sued by a cat owner for allegedly brutally killing his pet in Seoul.

According to the owner, the security guards chased the cat holding a bat until it fell from the 13th floor of an apartment building. They then allegedly went to the ground floor and beat the cat who was still breathing. The pet was then dumped into a food waste disposal.

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth, or CARE, has opened an investigation on the case and procured CCTV records from the apartment as well as the confession of security guards.

An official from the organization told reporters: “Punishments for animal abuse are too weak, and this is a social problem.”

By Kang Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

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또 동물학대 충격….13층 추락 고양이 돌팔매

고양이 주인이 한 아파트 경비원들을 동물학대 혐의로 고소해 화제가 되고 있다.

주인에 따르면, 이 경비원들은 13층까지 몽둥이로 고양이를 쫓아간 뒤, 피해 동물이 추락하자 다시 아래로 내려가 숨이 붙어있는 고양이를 때려서 사망에 이르게 하였다.

동물사랑실천협회는 이 내용을 확인하고 CCTV 및 경비원들의 자백 녹취 기록을 확보했다.

동사협의 한 관계자는 동물학대에 대한 솜방망이 처벌이 사회적 문제를 야기한다고 언론을 통해 전했다.