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More young males seek hair loss help

March 31, 2011 - 18:41 By 로컬편집기사
Hair loss has long been considered a problem of middle-aged men, but nearly half of those visiting medical facilities for the condition are from the younger generation, according to the National Health Insurance Corporation.

The public body said the number of those treated for hair loss, which is classified as dermatological disorder, reached 181,000 in 2009, up about 24.8 percent from 145,000 in 2005. This is equivalent to 374 of every 100,000 being treated for the disorder.

Men slightly outnumbered females with 93,000 males seeking treatment compared to 88,000 women. Among men, 88,000 patients were in their 20s and 30s, accounting for 48.4 percent. About 25,000 of the total were men under 20 years old.

“Hair loss seems to be related to stress among youngsters,” Dr. Cho Nam-jun of Ilsan Hospital said. “No cause of hair loss is yet verified but we suspect heredity the most. Some other dermatological issues as well as malfunction of immune system due to extreme stress could be other factors,” he added. Cho advised people to refrain from binge drinking and to keep regular life cycle.