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City launches new ‘real Seoul’ tour programs targeting youths

March 25, 2011 - 19:20 By 이지윤
Seoul City will launch new tourism programs Saturday in which travelers are guided to visit rare spots in every corner of the city, officials said Friday.

The city has run the program Culture Experience of Seoul since 2008 and last year alone some 7,500 international visitors, students and diplomats participated in the tourist activities.

As part of the program, the city introduces “Seoul Exploration” this year, which offers transportation cards to participants so that they can look around the city on foot or using the subway or bus.

The program, mainly targeting people in their 20s and 30s, suggests city temples, walking pathways and traditional markets that are rarely known to foreigners.

In order to encourage participation, the program gives souvenirs for those who take the best photographs when visiting the sites.

The city is also supporting customized tourism programs to meet the various needs of different age, job and taste groups.

Groups consisting of more than 10 members can apply to customize their events. Applicants are required to fill out a form and submit a brief introduction of the group.

The city will collect feedback from the programs’ participants and their photographs and comments will be posted on the city government’s Facebook and YouTube sites to be shared with people around the world.

The existing Bus Tour will concentrate on serving foreign guests who attend international conferences and meetings to help them better understand Korean culture.

“I could visit every corner of Seoul and feel the city’s real beauty. I also want to introduce the city to my friends back home,” said Bui Thi Hien, a Vietnamese visitor who recently toured the city through the program.

The city aims to attract 1,300 tourists for the Seoul Exploration program and 500 others for the Bus Tour each year.

“We will continue to develop new quality programs so that international visitors can learn more about the attractions of Seoul,” said Bae Hyoung-woo, director of city marketing.

“I hope the visiting travelers will play a story-telling role that promotes Seoul globally.”

Applications for the programs and other information is available at its English website

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