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Firms to showcase new devices in Barcelona

Feb. 7, 2011 - 18:14 By Cho Ji-hyun
Tablet PCs, smartphones to dominate Mobile World Congress next week

Local electronics giants are lining up their cutting-edge mobile products for a global industry show in Barcelona, Spain next week.

New tablet PCs and smartphones are expected to dominate the Feb. 14-17 Mobile World Congress, which is expected to draw more than 1,300 firms from all over the world.

LG Electronics, which has been gearing up to make a comeback after its slow performance in the smartphone race, is planning to release a 3-D smartphone dubbed Optimus 3-D. The new model will feature filming, play and sharing capabilities.
LG Electronics’ new tablet PC, the G-Slate.

In addition to the mobile, the world’s No. 3 handset maker will unveil its first 8.9-inch tablet PC, called “Optimus Pad,” also known as “G-Slate” in the U.S., which runs on Google’s Honeycomb operating system ― the latest generation of Android platforms designed for large-screen mobile devices.

The tablet PC, which will be launched through the fourth largest mobile carrier T-Mobile USA in the U.S. in March, is powered by NVIDIA Corp.’s dual-core processor and its size is positioned between Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

“A fierce battle is expected in the tablet PC market this year as it officially starts blooming,” said Park Jong-seok, chief of the mobile communications company at LG Electronics. “We’re planning to create a new wave in the global tablet PC market, as well as in North America.”

Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-biggest mobile phone manufacturer, is also projected to present a new tablet PC, which is about 10 inches in display screen size and also powered by Google’s Honeycomb OS.

Going a step further, it is making moves to launch the next flagship mobile for the firm, following Galaxy S.

The company recently released a teaser about the new smartphone on its official blog.

Industry sources say it is most likely to be equipped with a display screen that is better than the current super AMOLED and a dual core processor.

Such moves take place as the tablet PC market is projected to surge almost three times to 54.8 million units this year, from 19.5 million in 2010.

In the meantime, local telecoms like SK Telecom and KT Corp. are preparing to demonstrate their technologies and services at the upcoming mobile trade show in Europe.

SKT, the country’s leading mobile service operator, will demonstrate about 20 of its skills and services and also publicize its global platform project, which is among their most promoted projects for this year.

KT, the nation’s No. 1 fixed-line service provider, will run a small-sized exhibition room for the first time this year in a bid to spread the word about its services, including cloud computing.

The Mobile World Congress will also feature a world-class leadership conference, grant awards to those who have developed innovative mobile solutions and initiatives, and provide a chance to find business opportunities as well as make deals.

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