Hana’s Travlog currency exchange service hits 5m users

By Park Se-ra
Published : June 4, 2024 - 15:04

Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo (center), Hana Bank CEO Lee Seung-lyul (fourth from left), and Hana Card CEO Lee Ho-sung (sixth from left) pose for a photo at the Travlog service event held at the bank's headquarters in central Seoul, Tuesday. (Hana Financial Group)

Hana Financial Group announced Tuesday that its mobile currency exchange service, Travlog, has surpassed over 5 million subscribers, with the total amount exchanged exceeding 1.9 trillion won ($1.39 billion).

Launched in July 2022, Travlog is a digital service that allows users to exchange currency at any time without time constraints, eliminating the need for physical currency exchange during overseas travel. The service offers a range of benefits, including favorable exchange rates for 41 different currencies, an exchange limit of up to 3 million won per currency and free foreign currency remittance.

As of the end of May, Travlog had facilitated exchanges totaling more than 1.9 trillion won. According to Hana, users saved a combined 57.2 billion won in exchange commissions, 28 billion won in overseas usage fees, 15.9 billion won in overseas ATM withdrawal fees and more, with total savings exceeding 100 billion won.

Cumulative subscribers have grown significantly, rising from 3 million in November last year to over 5 million as of May. This growth is especially notable considering it took 11 months to reach the first million subscribers after the service’s launch.

"Reaching 5 million subscribers marks a transformative shift in the conventional currency exchange process, offering a more convenient and enjoyable experience for travelers," said Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo. "We are committed to enhancing the customer experience with Travlog, from the start of their journey to its end."

Meanwhile, Hana Card is set to launch two types of Travlog mileage cards in July, Skypass and Prestige, meeting the high demand for overseas summer travel. The new cards specialize in currency exchange and overseas payment, with benefits incorporating flight mileage as well.

By Park Se-ra (serap1005@heraldcorp.com)


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