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Animal rights groups to mark 'first dog meat-free 'boknal'’

July 11, 2024 - 17:09 By No Kyung-min

The three “bok” days of summer, when Koreans traditionally consume dishes to replenish stamina, have in recent years become days when animal rights groups hold protests to condemn the eating of dog meat.

But this year, more than 20 such groups are planning to gather for a different reason: to mark the “first dog meat-free 'boknal'” in S. Korea, following the passing of a National Assembly bill banning the breeding, butchering, distribution and sale of dog meat earlier this year, effective in 2027.

According to Humane Society International Korea, their gathering, scheduled for Saturday at Cheonggye Plaza in central Seoul, this year will commemorate animals sacrificed for human consumption, while providing a chance for the groups to reflect on the implications and changes brought about by the new legislation.

This year, the first boknal, known as "chobok," falls on Monday, July 15. On boknal, many Koreans seek out highly nutritious dishes to beat the summer heat. Bosintang (dog meat soup) and samgyetang (chicken soup) have been popular dishes enjoyed on these days, which is when dog meat consumption is at its peak.