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‘Inside Out 2’ leads local box office, ‘Wonderland’ sits in second

June 14, 2024 - 13:26 By Kim Da-sol
“Inside Out 2” (Walt Disney Co. Korea)

Pixar animated film “Inside Out 2” is leading the local box office after its release this week, according to Korean Film Council data on Friday.

“Inside Out 2,” the sequel to the 2015 charming and intelligent journey through the emotions of adolescence, opened Wednesday.

On Thursday, the movie attracted 135,782 moviegoers, bringing its accumulated admissions to 332,286 for two days.

“Inside Out 2” centers on a now-teenaged Riley as her “mind headquarters” undergoes a sudden demolition to make room for new emotions that emerge during puberty. The movie has added four new feelings to the mix: anxiety, envy, ennui and embarrassment.

The imaginative first iteration aimed at kids was a huge hit with adults as well when it opened in Korea in 2015, attracting 4.9 million moviegoers.

“Wonderland” (Ace Maker Movieworks)

Following “Inside Out 2” in the box office rankings is director Kim Tae-yong’s sci-fi fantasy “Wonderland.”

The movie, which opened here on June 5, revolves around people reuniting through artificial intelligence in the simulated virtual world called Wonderland.

Tang Wei, Suzy and Park Bo-gum star as characters seeking to see people they love but cannot meet anymore in the real world. Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-shik portray staff who support the AI service users in Wonderland. The movie features Suzy and Park as a young couple struggling to settle into a new life after Park's character suffers brain damage.

The movie was completed in 2020, but its release was delayed due to the pandemic. It is also the first movie between Tang and the director since they married in 2014. The two met when Tang starred in Kim’s 2010 English-language romance flick “Late Autumn.”

“Wonderland” has attracted 536,636 moviegoers as of the second week since the movie’s release.