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TikTok girl surprised with Buldak Carbonara Ramen event

May 14, 2024 - 14:32 By Song Seung-hyun
Adalynn Sofia poses for a photo in her backyard, which has been decorated in a Buldak Carbonara Ramen theme, in Texas. (Samyang Roundsquare)

South Korean food giant Samyang Roundsquare, formerly Samyang Foods Group, surprised a young Texas girl who went viral on TikTok after receiving a multi-pack of Buldak Carbonara Ramen as a birthday gift.

Adalynn Sofia's emotional reaction to receiving the spicy noodles garnered nearly 100 million views and 10 million likes on the platform since it was posted in early April.

As a gesture of appreciation, Samyang Roundsquare organized a surprise event for the girl at her home.

A bright pink van, decorated in the brand's signature color, and accompanied by the brand's mascot, delivered 150 boxes-- roughly 1,000 individual packets -- of Buldak Carbonara Ramen.

“We planned this event to reciprocate Adalynn’s love for our product,” the company official said in a statement. “As Buldak Ramen has grown into a brand with a dedicated fandom, we will continue to plan activities for our fans and listen to them to bring more joy.”

With the help of Sofia's family, the company also decorated her backyard with Buldak Carbonara Ramen-themed decorations and ramen products.

A video capturing the event, posted on social media on Sunday, quickly amassed 14 million views and 2.7 million likes within 22 hours.

The video showed Sofia initially looking puzzled when she stepped out of her house. But upon seeing the noodle-themed van, she burst into tears of joy and hugged the large Hochi mascot.

The event concluded with Sofia and her family enjoying a ramen party, all sporting ramen-themed T-shirts.

The Korean food giant's Buldak products, including Buldak Carbonara Ramen, are exported to over 40 countries. In 2022, Samyang Roundsquare became the first Korean food company to hit $400 million in exports.