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Mnet’s ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter 2’ targets global audience with multinational teen dancers

Nov. 21, 2023 - 17:43 By Hong Yoo
Dancers from Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter" and "Street Woman Fighter 2" mentoring teen dancers for Mnet's "Street Dance Girls Fighter 2" pose for a photo at a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday. (Mnet)

Mnet returns Tuesday night with the second season of its dance competition show “Street Dance Girls Fighter,” which features teenage female dancers.

Different from the first season of the show, the program included young dancers from abroad and dancers even younger, between the ages of 13 and 18.

“We decided to include dancers from other countries because we thought that dancing is another way of communication in a situation where there are language barriers. Because K-pop is popular worldwide, we also wanted to see how dancers from other countries would harmonize with Korean dancers,” said the program’s producer, Hwang Sung-ho, during a press conference in Seoul.

Another difference from the first season is that the program has allowed individuals who are not part of a dance crew to take part in the program.

The participants will be partnered up with mentors to create dance pieces that will be evaluated to qualify the winner of the show.

The mentors are the participants of Mnet’s dance competition show, “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Woman Fighter 2”: 1Million’s Lia Kim, Lee Yu-jeong and Harimu; Bebe’s Bada, Rusher and Tether; Hook’s Aiki, Sung Ji-yeon and Odd; Jam Republic’s Kirsten, Latrice and Audrey; Lachica’s Gaby, Lian and Simeez; and Mannequeen’s Funky Y, Redlic, Waackxxxy and Yoonji.

“I feel the responsibility to help these girls grow into better dancers. I am doing my best to teach these girls everything I know,” said Lia Kim.

“Looking back at my experience taking part in ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ there were things that I learned and regret from the show. I don’t want these girls to regret the same things that I did. I will do my best to help them enjoy and get the most out of this show,” said Aiki.

Producers and mentors joked that the participants of the show’s second season are much more talented and that almost every single one of them has a unique character.

“I think they are capable of becoming stars just like my crew member Harimu who took part in the first season of this show and turned out to be a great star dancer,” said Lia Kim.

“Their energy is just another level. It will be interesting to also see how these girls try to communicate with each other despite language barriers. We tried to best deliver their energy and how they compete in a healthy manner with one another,” said producer Jung Kyoung-wook.