SM6 combines Renault’s sporty heritage, modern technology
Published : Feb 9, 2023 - 15:36
Updated : Feb 9, 2023 - 16:19
Renault SM6 (Renault Korea Motors)

South Korean car manufacturer Renault Korea Motors’ midsize sedan SM6 is a steady seller in the vast domestic automobile market alongside other sizable competitors. This is thanks to the model’s commercial value, which is built on a balance between the carmaker's heritage and advanced technology.

The carmaker highlighted the popular sedan’s state-of-the-art features such as a downsized engine, smooth handling and steering system as well as safety functions.

In the past, low oil prices and relatively slack regulations contributed to increased emissions by gasoline engine carmakers. However, as times are changing, the rising popularity of eco-friendly preferences and sustainable options is influencing companies to take a different route.

Renault is no exception – the manufacturer catered to recent eco-friendly trends by downsizing the vehicle’s TCe300 engine and reducing exhaust while maintaining the functionality of important performance factors such as horsepower and torque.

The key to downsizing the engine is a turbocharger, a forced induction device powered by the flow of exhaust gases.

However, Renault made sure to keep the essence of its sporty heritage, which dates back to the group’s early days in the 1970s when it started participating in Formula One, the highest class of international racing. The TCe300 engine of the SM6 keeps the DNA of Renault’s F1 turbo engine and generates a maximum output of 225 horsepower and 30.6 kilogram-meters of torque. From there, it was adapted to be suitable for daily use.

To optimize the driving experience, the SM6 is also equipped with smooth yet heavy handling that conforms to the driver’s desired angle.

The car is the first midsize sedan in Korea to use a rack-type EPS premium steering system as a standard for all trims. The R-EPS belt made by car parts supplier ZF-TRW Automotive is an advanced steering method that is often installed in luxury sports cars such as those from BMW or Porsche.

In addition, the lock-to-lock steering rotational speed is lower than average, clocking in at about 2.6 revolutions. This translates to the vehicle's faster reaction speed overall.

The SM6 also appeals to customers by offering several functions that prioritize the driver’s safety and convenience while maintaining a reasonable price. This includes a Matrix Vision LED headlamp with multiple light controls among others such as adaptive cruise control, lane change assistance, and autonomous emergency braking.

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