Bangladesh honors EPS workers on Int'l Migrants Day in Korea
Published : Dec 20, 2022 - 15:00
Updated : Dec 20, 2022 - 15:00
Bangladesh Ambassador to Korea Delwar Hossain (fifth from left in front row) poses with Bangladeshi Employment Permit System (EPS) workers and embassy officials celebrating International Migrants Day 2022 at the Bangladesh Embassy in Hannam-dong, Seoul, on Dec.18 .

The Bangladesh Embassy in Seoul honored 26 Bangladeshi Employment Permit System (EPS) workers in six categories at an event held to celebrate the International Migrants Day 2022 last week.

Korea introduced the work permit system in 2004 to systematically manage the foreign workforce in Korea and resolve labor shortages at local small and medium-sized companies.

The workers were honored for being employed under same employer for the longest period of time; receiving awards from the Korean government; attaining language proficiency; engaging in voluntary services; and sending remittances. Ten Korean employers were also honored for hiring Bangladeshi EPS workers.

Delivering remarks at the event, Bangladesh Ambassador to Korea Delwar Hossain said Bangladeshi workers have contributed to developing socioeconomic ties of the two countries.

Hossain also urged workers to uphold Bangladesh’s reputation by attending skill development training programs offered by the Korean government and using official channels for remittance.

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