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[Newsmaker] Netflix to charge W5,500 a month for new ad-supported plan

Oct. 14, 2022 - 15:19 By Song Seung-hyun


This combined image shows Netflix's 2022 lineup. (Netflix)

Global streaming platform Netflix will introduce a new ad-supported plan in Korea, which will charge its users 5,500 won ($3.85) a month from Nov. 4.

Users of the new and cheaper advertising-supported tier will have to watch 15-to-30 second advertisements before and during Netflix content.

A total of around four to five minutes long advertisements will be streamed per hour to subscribers, according to Netflix.

Some Netflix content will not be available for the new plan’s users.

“Members on the Basic with Ads plan will have access to almost all our TV and movies. There will be a limited number of titles that aren’t available due to licensing restrictions, which we’re working on,” a Netflix spokesperson told The Korea Herald on Friday.

The spokesperson, however, declined to state a specific number or any names of the content that will not be available to the new plan users in November.

Also, subscribers of the new plan will not be able to download content on Netflix.

The global streaming service also announced that both its Basic and Basic with Ads plans will have a video resolution of high-definition 720p starting in November.

The existing Basic plan has a video resolution of 480p.

Netflix said that all the existing three tiers — Basic (9,500 won per month), Standard (13,500 won per month) and Premium (17,000 won per month) will continue to be provided to users without any changes.

Aside from Korea, Netflix’s new tier will be introduced in 11 different countries including the US, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.