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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

Oct. 7, 2022 - 09:01 By Song Seung-hyun

Life is Beautiful


Opened Sept. 28


Directed by Choi Kook-hee

Housewife Se-yeon (Yum Jung-ah) has devoted her entire life to her family, but her family does not appreciate this. One day, she finds out that she has lung cancer and only a few months left to live. As her last birthday present, she asks her husband (Ryu Seung-ryong) to help find her first high school crush. Though reluctant at first, her husband decides to go on this strange journey with Se-yeon.

Honest Candidate 2


Opened Sept. 28


Directed by Jang Yoo-jung

Sang-sook (Ra Mi-ran) is jobless after losing the Seoul mayoral election. One day, she accidentally saves a man in the sea and sees an opportunity to return to politics. She starts lying again for a higher approval rating. But Sang-sook soon finds out that she is once again unable to lie -- and this time, she’s not the only one suffering from this mysterious affliction.

Project Wolf Hunting


Opened Sept. 21


Directed by Kim Hong-sun

A team of Korean police officers is on a mission to bring heinous criminals to South Korea from the Philippines via ship. Looking for an opportunity to escape are Jong-du (Seo In-guk), a cold-blooded killer, and Do-il (Jang Dong-yoon), who has an Interpol red notice on him. Meanwhile, a mysterious presence created in a secret lab onboard puts everyone's lives at risk.

Confidential Assignment 2: International


Opened Sept. 7


Directed by Lee Suk-hoon

North Korean detective Chul-ryung (Hyun Bin) is sent to South Korea again on a new mission. His target is North Korean crime organization leader Jang Myung-joon (Jin Seon-kyu). In South Korea, Chul-ryung once again teams up with detective Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hye-jin). Meanwhile, FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henney) joins Chul-ryung and Jin-tae in their pursuit of Myung-joon.