Experts talk about utilizing tech for business opportunities
UX writing essential for corporate digital strategies, NFTs for building community
Published : Sep 27, 2022 - 18:20
Updated : Sep 27, 2022 - 18:44
From left: Wirelink executive Gino Park, Shinhan DX Chapter Chief Park Kwang-hoon, and Four Grit CEO Park Tae-joon speak at a roundtable discussion held Tuesday as part of Herald Design Forum 2022 in Seoul. (Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald)

User experience writing, or UX writing, should be an integral part of corporate digital strategies, as it offers an easy solution to produce more effective digital spaces, experts said Tuesday at a roundtable discussion held at Herald Design Forum 2022 in Seoul.

UX writing uses easy words and expressions "to architect a comfortable digital interface which ensures users to accomplish what they want,” said Shinhan Card executive Park Kwang-hoon. “UX writing is not a big innovation. I'd like to think of it merely as providing a better experience for our customers.”

Meanwhile, UX service startup Four Grit CEO Park Tae-joon said UX writing allows companies to better communicate with its customers.

“UX writing has low barriers to entry. Anyone can fix wording on digital platforms to increase consumer traffic,” said Park. To create the perfect UX solution, Park stressed the need for data analysis. But this can be a risk for companies, as it requires numerous trial and error tests.

From left: Institute of Blockchain Technology & service CEO Lee Jong-ryun, Thanks Carbon CEO Kim Hae-won and NFT illustrator Zipcy speak during a roundtable discussion on Tuesday held as part of Herald Design Forum 2022. (Im Se-jun/The Korea Herald)

At the second roundtable talk that followed, experts on non-fungible tokens said the digital assets can be more than mere tools to certify ownership.

"NFT holders form communities of their own, as NFTs -- functioning as unique art items with fluctuating economic value -- constantly create topics of conversation between its holders," said Lee Jong-ryun, CEO of the Institute of Blockchain Technology & service, referring Coca Cola's NFTs and Visa Card’s purchases of Cryptopunk projects to absorb its community fan base.

Kim Hae-won, CEO of Thanks Carbon Inc., further emphasized the use of NFTs in creating a carbon-reducing community, as the company focuses on giving NFTs as rewards for carbon reduction activities.

“NFTs have immense potential. We can create more definitions for NFTs as we continue to utilize them,” CEO Lee said.

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