Prosecution launches task force on Sindang Station murder
Published : Sep 21, 2022 - 15:41
Updated : Sep 21, 2022 - 16:24
Jeon Joo-hwan, suspect of murder of a Seoul Metro employee at Sindang Station, leaves Seoul Namdaemun Police Station, Wednesday. (Yonhap)

The prosecutors' office is to launch a task force on the Sindang Station murder, with the suspect now in prosecution custody.

The suspect, 31-year old former Seoul Metro employee Jeon Joo-hwan, was transferred to the prosecution Wednesday, accused of murdering a Seoul Metro employee on Sept. 14.

Meeting the press at Seoul Namdaemun Police Station, Jeon repeated he was sorry for his actions.

Jeon said “I did something truly crazy” when asked by reporters whether he has anything else to say except that he is sorry. He did not answer further questions on his motives and whether he had planned the murder in advance or not.

He said he was "truly sorry" when a reporter asked him whether he admits to committing murder out of revenge.

When asked why he tried to cash 17 million won from his bank account before the murder, he answered he wanted to give the money to his parents.

Jeon denied an attempt to run away before the trial.

To deal with the murder case, the prosecution has launched a five-member task force for further investigation.

"We will do our best to respond (to the incident) with a thorough investigation and support (for the bereaved) of the victim,” the prosecution said.

Jeon was apprehended after allegedly stabbing his former colleague to death in a restroom in Sindang Station on Line No. 2 on Sept. 14.

Jeon, who was a co-worker of the victim, was sued twice before for stalking her within the last three years. The victim sued Jeon for spycam voyeurism in October and for stalking in January.

The court denied an arrest warrant on Jeon when the victim first sued Jeon.

The prosecution demanded a nine-year imprisonment for Jeon on Aug. 18 and the court was to deliver the sentence on Sept. 15, the day after the murder.

With the murder, the ruling on the stalking case has been postponed to Sept. 29. 

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