Genesis to implement face recognition tech in GV60 for first time
Published : Sep 16, 2021 - 15:22
Updated : Sep 16, 2021 - 15:27
Genesis GV60 implements Face Connect, a face recognition system. (Hyundai Motor)
Genesis will implement face recognition technology on its GV60, the brand’s first electric sport utility vehicle planned, Hyundai Motor, the firm behind the automobile brand, said Thursday.

According to the automaker, the new technology dubbed Face Connect will allow drivers to control a car -- opening the door and starting the car -- using their biometric data instead of a smart key.

This would allow the driver to close the car with the smart key inside, or not need to carry keys at all.

When the system recognizes a preregistered face, it would also automatically personalize the vehicle, adjusting the seating, steering wheel, side mirrors and the infotainment system, the automaker added. 

Genesis Face Connect is implemented on a vehicle. (Hyundai Motor)

The technology will be implemented for the first time in the GV60, Genesis’ first electric SUV based on the automaker’s Electric-Global Modular Platform, its special platform for electric vehicles. The model is planned for launch before year-end.

Up to two faces can be registered in Face Connect, with the bio-data encoded to protect from leakage, the automaker said. If the driver wants, the data can be deleted immediately as well.

Hyundai said Face Connect takes the near-infrared face recognition approach, so it can maintain the same level of recognition ability in bad weather and at night as during day. It is also based on deep learning technology to accurately identify the faces preregistered, the automaker explained.

As a fingerprint recognition system will also be equipped in the GV60, drivers of the model would be able to control the car completely with only the biometric data registered, Hyundai said.

With the new connection technology, the company said it seeks to strengthen the feeling of connection for drivers with their cars.

“We expect the Face Connect will kick it up a notch for drivers in their experiences with the cars,” a Genesis official said.

“We will continue to work for innovative technologies centered on humans, so that drivers can connect more with cars.”

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