Samsung Display’s 90Hz OLED panel featured in ASUS’ new laptops
Published : Sep 16, 2021 - 18:00
Updated : Sep 16, 2021 - 18:05
ASUS' Zenbook laptops (Samsung Display)
Samsung Display on Thursday said it began supplying the 90-hertz organic light-emitting diode panels for laptops of Taiwanese brand ASUS, as demand for higher-end laptop screens grow amid the pandemic.

The display panels are to be featured on ASUS’ 14-inch Zenbook and Vivobook Pro series, it said.

The supply marks a successful commercialization of laptop-sized OLED displays with a refresh rate of 90 hertz, which makes moving images on laptop screens look more natural. It is ideal for users who want to enjoy higher-performance content on their devices.

Samsung Display has been diversifying its OLED portfolio – previously focused on large-sized screens such as TVs, as demand for laptops grow for use in the remote work and learning environment.

The 90Hz refresh rate means 90 still cuts are displayed in one second, making objects in the images look like moving fluidly. The higher the rate, the more natural and seamless the images look.

But due to a greater consumption of battery, users will need to select an optimal refresh rate for laptops in accordance with the devices’ usage.

The latest 90Hz laptop display by Samsung has about 10 percent less blur length – 0.9 millimeters – than 120Hz display when playing a video clip under the same conditions, the company said.

“Amid the continuing rise in demand for laptops, OLED displays are able to satisfy users with different needs from online classes, teleconferences, video streaming and gaming,” said a marketing official from ASUS.

“Samsung will continue introducing new OLED panels for laptops to lead new trends,” a company official said.

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