Samsung launches ‘human eye-like’ image sensor ISOCELL GN2
Published : Feb 23, 2021 - 14:38
Updated : Feb 23, 2021 - 15:54
(Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics announced on Tuesday it is launching the advanced image sensor ISOCELL GN2 with a more true-to-life auto focus function that makes the microchip operate similar to human eyes.

ISOCELL is Samsung’s image sensor brand developed by its System LSI Business.

Samsung, which is on a path to expand its presence in the system-on-chip market, including the image sensor sector, has been increasing efforts to bolster its product lineup.

The newest ISOCELL GN2 boasts a new 50-megapixel image sensor with large 1.4-micrometer-sized pixels.

Compared to its predecessor, the ISOCELL GN2 offers up to 100MP imaging and improved auto-focusing through the flagship Dual Pixel Pro technology.

Dual Pixel Pro is the company’s most advanced phase-detection auto-focus solution yet.

By employing two photodiodes within every pixel of the image sensor, Dual Pixel Pro makes use of 100-million-phase detecting agents for faster auto-focusing.

The solution also offers all-direction focusing by splitting the pixels not only vertically, but also diagonally. This diagonal cut allows the focusing agents to better recognize the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the sensor to focus quickly, even when there are no pattern changes in a horizontal direction.

“ISOCELL image sensors and its technologies have made vast improvements to deliver the quality and performance one would expect from top-tier prograde cameras,” said Chang Duck-hyun, executive vice president of sensor business at Samsung.

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