Seoul district to pay men on paternity leave
Published : Jan 13, 2020 - 14:38
Updated : Jan 13, 2020 - 15:15
Seocho has become the first district in Seoul to pay men subsidies for taking paternity leave.

Men who have lived in Seocho for over a year and taking paternity leave after Jan. 1 this year will be qualified to apply for a monthly stipend of 300,000 won ($259) for as long as a year, the district office said.

(Seocho District Office)

The proposed budget is 243 million won for an estimated 135 beneficiaries for six months.

Similar government subsidies for men on leave for child care kicked off last year in Nam-dong, a southeastern district in Incheon.

In 2018, Seocho enacted an ordinance for incentivizing paternity leave for the first time in the country, as part of a 5.3 billion-won project to tackle the low fertility rate.

District office chief Cho Eun-hee said, “Subsidies for paternity leave are good news for fathers who want to take the leave.”

“(Seocho) will do its best to ensure all families with children are happy,” she said.

By Kim Arin (
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