Daejeon Arts Collective to host group show ‘Twelfth Night’
Published : Oct 10, 2017 - 19:13
Updated : Oct 10, 2017 - 21:47
Daejeon Arts Collective is holding a weeklong exhibition at the Daejeon Gallery from Thursday.

The exhibition, “Twelfth Night,” is a group show by the DJAC, a group of expat and Korean artists.

Work displayed at the show includes print work, painting, photography and sculpture from 14 artists, with a performance at the show’s reception on Saturday.

“Twelfth Night” was chosen as a catchy title more than a theme, though DJAC president Rosalie Knaack says two artists used it for inspiration in their work.

“Neo-Pop Veggies” by Christopher Maslon, acrylic silk screen prints of vegetables and poetry.
Running 2-6 p.m., the reception will be attended by the participating artists and feature a short performance piece, also called "Twelfth Night," with erasure poetry from Shakespeare's original play.

The piece was written by Monica Nickolai with music by Wil Pertz, and will be performed by Kevin Nickolai and Rosie Kim with Raphael Marsonet on saxophone.

Knaack is a ceramic and mixed media artist, but will be displaying found art in this show, a first for her.

“My husband and I bought and are remodeling a country house. In the process of demolishing sections of the house I discovered objects like broken concrete, ondol pipes, or rusted metal that I thought were quite beautiful, so I have framed or photographed them to exhibit.”

The gallery is next to Daejeon Lifelong Learning Center in Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu, and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. The exhibition ends Oct. 17.