[Photo] Street animals of China
Published : Nov 8, 2012 - 14:19
Updated : Nov 8, 2012 - 14:19
Puppies in cages (sold for food) are on sale for restaurants and customers at a market in Lijiang, northern Yunnan Province, on September 29, 2012. (UPI)

From illegal impromptu pet shops, to glove eating goats in Buddhist monasteries, this collection features various animal encounters on the streets of China. (UPI)

A puppy sleeps in a small wire cage at a sidewalk pet market in downtown Beijing. (UPI)

An enterprising Chinese man sells kittens on the corner of an intersection in central Beijing. (UPI)

Chinese walk past an impromptu and illegal pet market in downtown Beijing. (UPI)

A woman and her cat stop in front of Tiananmen Square`s North Rostrum. (UPI)

Two women walk their dog past the Baiyunguan Taoist Temple, decorated for the New Year`s spring festival, in central Beijing. (UPI)

Dogs and cats perform in a Russian circus in Beijing on August 26, 2009. (UPI)

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중국에서 만난 거리의 동물들

불법 애완동물 노점에서 불교 사원에 이르기까지 중국의 거리에서 여러 종류의 동물들을 만나다. (코리아헤럴드)