BTS leader says he feels 'invisible wall' for Korean artists

By Yonhap
Published : Nov. 29, 2021 - 09:30

Members of the K-pop phenom BTS pose for photos backstage at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles last Saturday(local time), in this image captured from BTS' official Twitter page. The chart-topping group had its first in-person concert in two years in the American city, in front of some 50,000 fans. (BTS' official Twitter)

RM, leader of the K-pop sensation BTS, said Sunday (US time) he felt there is an "invisible wall" for Korean artists despite the group's back-to-back success in the global music industry.

The remark was seen as referring to the group's failure to win nomination for the top four Grammys despite a series of dazzling successes, such as producing back-to-back Billboard Hot 100 chart-toppers and winning the coveted top honor at the American Music Awards.

"We secured the AMAs' artist of the year and a Grammy nomination, which means a lot to an artist," he said during a press conference at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. "Still, I feel there is an invisible wall, such as our identity as an artist who began its career in South Korea and language limitations."

Last week, the South Korean group won the artist of the year at the AMAs and earned a Grammy nomination for the second consecutive year after its back-to-back Billboard Hot 100 chart-toppers, including "Butter" and "Permission to Dance."

Despite the limitations, however, the group has always tried to give its all, RM said, and he believes those small moments led to today's miracle.

The K-pop giant opened its first in-person concert in two years in the US city Saturday, drawing about 50,000 American fans.

As for the concert, RM said he felt it was the beginning of a new chapter.

"The past two years' pandemic has been a difficult time for both BTS and its fans," he said. "Through these concerts, we'd like to show you how BTS has grown over the past two years."

The group is set to hold three more concerts titled "BTS Permission To Dance On Stage - LA" later Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. (Yonhap)


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